Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Lasting Foods

"Ah Sugar. Oh, Honey Honey" - lyrics from the Archies
I saw online a list of ten foods that would "never" go bad. Although the comments disputed the "never" claim (some items might degrade in a hundred years), still it's a good list for food storage essentials.

1. Vinegar -  useful for cooking, cleaning, and so much more. (see 1001 uses)

2. Salt - salt will last forever if kept dry, it's a water soluble rock

3. Hard Liquor - even if you don't drink, alcohol is useful for disinfecting, numbing pain, or for bartering with those who do drink

4. Cornstarch - not just for cooking. Also useful as a cleaner and deodorizer. Keep it dry.

5. Rice -  Long-grained white rice can last indefinitely if stored in a cool, dry place. “They’ve found rice in archaeological digs that you could cook normally,” says Greg Yielding, executive director of the Arkansas Rice Growers Association. Brown rice, which contains oil in its bran layer, can go rancid. It must be refrigerated and will only last three to six months.

6. Vanilla Extract - for flavor in baking

The remaining items are all sugars

7. Sugar - Colonial Americans and the New Amsterdam Dutch before them used sugar cones. Solid lumps of sugar from which they shaved off slices. So don't freak out if your sugar solidifies.

8. Corn Syrup
9. Maple Syrup  - syrup will break down if exposed to extreme heat or cold.

10. Honey - has health benefits in additional to being a sweetener. Honey will crystallize over time but you can "melt" it back to a liquid by warming it slowly.

Bottom Line

If you are making a food storage, here are a few ideas:

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