Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Laws: “All bureaucracies grow 3% per year, unrelated to the job they are supposed to perform.”
I had never heard of Parkinson's Law of Bureaucracy but I believe it. There is way too much bureaucracy in this world. Instapundit cited this comment on "administrative blight":
In his polemic, The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters (Oxford University Press), Benjamin Ginsberg, David Bernstein Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, takes stock of what ails higher education and finds a single, unifying cause: the growth of administration. Ginsberg bemoans the expansion over the past 30 years of what he calls “administrative blight” as personified by what he characterizes as an army of “deanlets” and “deanlings.” By virtue of their sheer number and their managerial rather than academic orientation, Ginsberg argues, these administrators have served to marginalize the faculty in carrying out tasks related to personnel and curriculum that once sat squarely in their domain.
Others wrote in to say they see the same problem in many companies.

Bottom Line

What excesses of bureaucracy have you seen?

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