Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Safety Advice

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
- H. P. Lovecraft
Here's some last minute Halloween Safety Advice
  • Choose costumes that allow kids to move and see clearly.
  • Watch out for sheets or long cloaks that might result in trips and falls. Try on costumes before Halloween to allow time for altering.
  • Flame-resistant does not mean fireproof. Keep trick-or-treaters away from flames.
  • Make sure your Halloween costume is colorfast so the color doesn't run onto your other clothes if it rains.
  • Wear comfortable, practical shoes with shoelaces double tied to prevent tripping.
  • Make-up should be hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
  • Any weapons wielded should be obviously fake and not cause injury. Kids WILL play with swords. Don’t even think of dressing like a gang member and carrying a realistic looking gun or knife.
  • Add reflective tape to a costume or candy bag so motorists can see you clearly. A flashlight or glow stick is also a good idea.
  • Designate a route before your kids begin trick-or-treating, and make sure they stick to it.
  • Don’t allow short-cuts through dark alleys, parking lots, or other areas out of sight.
  • Plan the trick-or-treat route involving only known homes and NEVER trick-or-treat alone.
  • Carry a cell phone so you can call for help.
  • Never enter a house to get candy. Don't approach unfamiliar pets and animals.
  • Follow pedestrian safety rules (use crosswalks, obey traffic lights, don’t talk to strangers or get into their car, etc.) Don't trample through flower beds and gardens.
  • Kids should not sample the candy until an adult has inspected it. Toss out unwrapped goodies. When back at home offer a scary dinner or healthy snacks to discourage an orgy of candy eating. Ration the treats to ward off bellyaches and future cavities.
  • Keep your pets locked up and away from the front door on Halloween. Do not give candy to pets; chocolate can make dogs sick.
  • If you are handing out candy, make sure the porch is well lit without any tripping hazards. If you set jack-o-lanterns with candles in them, make sure that they are far enough out of the way so that kids costumes won't accidentally be set on fire. Wet leaves should be swept from sidewalks and steps.
Here is an online quiz/game to help your kids learn the Halloween rules,

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