Friday, March 2, 2012

"No Tags" Vanity Plate

The Consumerist relates the story of a Washington DC resident who for 25 years has owned vanity plates on his car that read "NO TAGS". It was all good fun until he started receiving thousands of tickets for other cars. When an officer writes a ticket for a car with no licence plate, he/she may write "No tags" and the computer was matching this to the car with vanity plate "No tags". Every few months the car owner takes time off from work to go to the courthouse to get the tickets dismissed.

"It was funny at the time, but now it’s gone to the point, hey, I'm losing too much time off of this," the car owner said.

When asked why he doesn't get a different license plate, he said, "’Are you going to buy me new tags?’  They say, ‘No.’   I say, ‘There's no need for me to buy tags I already have.’ If you pay for it, I'll change them. If not, fix the computer."

Bottom Line

Stubbornness has its own cost.

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