Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saving Money on Gas suggests many ways to counter the $4 per gallon price of gas...
  1. Read your owner's manual
    It will tell you the best type of oil for your car, what level of gas to use, the best tire pressure, etc.
    Oil change companies suggest new oil every 3000 miles but your manual may tell you that every 7500 is sufficient.
  2. Check your tire pressure every month
    You'll burn more fuel with under inflated tires
  3. Lighten your car
    Take out anything you don't really need from your trunk &  back seat.  100 pounds can decrease fuel economy by 2%.
  4. Aggressive driving burns fuels
    Avoid quick starts and stops. Fuel economy is worse at higher speeds.  "Every five miles over 60 mph is like paying another 20 cents per gallon for gas."
  5. Use the Internet to find the lowest priced gas in your neighborhood
    But also keep in mind that at $4/gal it costs about 20 cents to drive 5 miles (at 25 mpg). To break even with a fill-up of 10 gallons of gas, that station 5 miles away needs to be 2 cents per gallon cheaper then the station a block away. If you drive 5 to save a penny per gallon, you've lost 10 cents.
  6. Take advantage of loyalty and rewards programs at gas stations and credit cards

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