Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blazing Star

Ev'ry man, has a flaming star
A flaming star, over his shoulder
And when a man, sees his flaming star
He knows his time, his time has come- Elvis, lyrics to Flaming Star

Here's an image that amazes me. A neutron star moving so fast it creates a shockwave in the interstellar gas. Not something I want to see over my shoulder or anywhere near our solar system.

From Billion-Year Old "Black Widow" Pulsar Ripping Through Milky Way at 1 Million KPH,

Bottom Line

I'm reminded that reality can be stranger than fiction. The universe has some very weird celestial object never imagined by the creators of Star Trek or Star Wars. Here's another oddity from

This faint pinwheel spiral is a rare binary star system called LL Pegasi. The spiral is a "pre-planetary nebula" which is being stirred up by partner star.

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