Monday, January 31, 2011

First Aid Kit

Better a thousand times careful than once dead.
You never know when you are going to need First Aid. It could be paper cut, a bee sting, a trip and fall, etc. Business places must, by law, have a first aid kit. Ask to be taken to it if you need it. For your own sake you should keep a First Aid Kit in your house, cars, boat, purse, office, etc. I met one survival trainer who always wore a first aid kit in a fanny pack. He said that the first aid kit in your car won't help if you're alone and fall down a ledge while taking a photo and break your leg.

Now you could buy a kit, which is better than nothing, but it will be mostly a bunch of band-aids. Make your own kits with supplies from a Dollar store.

¨      First Aid Book!
¨      Adhesive bandages ("Band-Aids")
in a variety of sizes
¨      Sterile dressings (gauze) in rolls or large squares for big wounds
¨      Medical tape to attach the gauze
¨      Scissors to cut the tape & gauze
¨      Antibiotic ointment to prevent infection
¨      Antiseptic hand cleaner for your hands before and after doing first aid
¨      Wound cleansing agents: soap, antibiotic towelettes, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide 
¨      Anti-itch cream for insect bites and poison ivy
¨      Aloe or Burn Cream for sunburn
¨      Two pairs of sterile gloves for your protection when helping strangers
¨      Plastic bag to safely dispose of bloody items
¨      Tweezers for slivers or ticks (Don't tweeze bee stings, scrape them off.)
¨      Thermometer to check for fever
¨      Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
¨      Nail clippers for hang nails and broken nails
¨      Non-prescription drugs:
o        Non-aspirin pain reliever (never use aspirin on children)
o        Chewable Aspirin for adults with heart attack symptoms
o        Anti-diarrhea medication
o        Antacid for upset stomachs
o        Laxative
o        Allergy medication
¨      Instant cold & heat packs for outdoor and traveling kits
¨      Emergency Chocolate

Bottom Line

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