Friday, April 29, 2011

What mailing method should you use?

“Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.”
- Tom Wilson
If you are involved in a dispute and you want to make sure that your letter is received, what type of mail should you use to counter the other party when they claim they never saw the letter?

According to, registered mail is not necessary, "that's just for shipping valuables that you want insurance on if they get lost."
"Instead send it by certified mail, which guarantees and tracks delivery, including date and time it was delivered. You can check on the status online and the post office keeps a record. Request an additional return receipt to get a signature back from the recipient"
Bottom Line

Return receipt is great way to prove that your mail was received and by whom.  Or you can show that delivery was refused.

Many years ago the radio had a story about lawyers trying to sue NYC for damage done to cars by potholes. NYC responded that they would only accept responsibility for negligence for not fixing holes in a timely manner that they were aware of, i.e. for potholes that they were "formally" told about.  So lawyers en mass began mailing the DPW with return receipt notices of every big pothole they saw. The city refused to sign the receipts or accept the letters.

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