Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five Stages of Society Collapsing

David Meyer has written a thought provoking article entitled, Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse.

Stage 1: Decay Begins
Life is good for most people and people begin to believe that they are entitled to the good life, that living well is a right instead of something you achieve and earn on your own.
"Redistribution of Wealth Policies are implemented and quietly woven into the fabric of society. Unchecked and under the guise of fairness and equality, these policies slowly decrease productivity and increase dependency on government entitlement and welfare programs."
Stage 2: Slippery Slope Downwards
The economy slides ever downwards with more unemployment, more people receiving government assistance, and more government spending. The price of precious metals rise to new heights and inflation exceeds 10%.
Stage 3: Even Worse
The government implements price controls and shortages on essential goods become widespread. Foreclosed houses sit vacant and middle class neighborhoods begin to look like slums.
"Inflation increases even more and unemployment exceeds 25%. Banks and businesses fail at ever increasing rates. Nobody seems to have any money. Many are now homeless. Labor unions instigate strikes, civil unrest, and large scale riots. Government services are interrupted and unreliable. Local and national infrastructure is in decay. Violent gangs begin to appear and assert themselves. The government begins confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens. Violence is everywhere. Cities and urban areas become very dangerous places to live."
Stage 4: Power Grab
"Society falls into chaos. The control of urban areas shifts when violent gangs takeover control of the streets and urban neighborhoods. The government issues restrictive measures in an attempt to control the economy. Everything is in short supply and heavily rationed. Food and gasoline is very expensive and there are very long lines to get them when they are available."
Stage 5: Loss of Liberty
The government implements martial law. Maintaining more than a 30 day supply of food is considered hoarding food and is illegal. Everyone becomes dependent on the government.

Bottom Line

Where do you think America is today? Stage 1 or stage 2? Meyer's thinks that recovery is possible even from stage 3 but it's not easy (think of Greece today)
"Things can still be reversed even at this stage if the right person at the top really believes in the basic fundamental concepts of Freedom, Independence, Liberty, and Individual Rights and is not afraid to do what is necessary to reverse the current trend. He will be vilified and hated because of his attitude toward personal responsibility, cutting entitlements, and ending welfare programs. Of course, if the right person were in power and did what needed to be done, none of this would have happened in the first place."


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