Monday, April 16, 2012

Emergency Kits

While many preparedness sites emphasize 72-hour kits, I don't. I've seen too many people make a kit in a can, which is then placed in the basement and forgotten. When you think about it, a 72-kit makes no sense for emergencies at home if you have food and water storage. Are you truly going to leave your cupboards bare before the storm and live solely off your kit?

I like the term "go-kit". Some use GOOD-kit (Get out of Dodge) as a reminder that what you really need is an evacuation kit, something to sustain you for 3 to 5 days when not at home. Good go-kits are stored in backpacks and keep near the front door (or garage?) so you can grab and go when evacuating the house.

While a go-kit in a backpack is superior to a 72-kit in a can, it still has one drawback. If your house catches fire you might not have access to the front door and your kit burns with the house. So I prefer to keep my go-kit in the trunk of my car. This has the added benefit of giving me some protection if an accident happens while driving.

Bottom Line

Focus on building a great car kit for the family or commuter. See The importance of car survival kits for some great ideas of what to include and how to customize it for your family.

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