Monday, April 2, 2012

Are drivers getting worse?

My wife & I are amazed at the crazy, stupid things that drivers do now-a-days. She recounts that last week she came to a stop in her car for a garbage truck which blocked the road. The car behind, which had been on her tail, would have none of that and sped blindly around her and the garbage truck.

Here's an extreme example from CBS News in Miami:

According to witnesses, a woman got impatient while waiting for a gas pump so she swerved in front of a yellow Hummer which was next in line. Apparently, when she sped up, she lost control and slammed into the gas pump which caused a huge explosion and fire.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video and can be viewed at the CBS site.

Bottom Line

The article concludes with "No word on whether any charges will be filed."  I hope they throw the book at the driver for being reckless.

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