Monday, March 19, 2012

Survival Skills has published some excellent web pages on "The Survival Skills Everyone Should Know".

"Be a Grown up Boy Scout" includes Wilderness skills for
  • Know your priorities
  • Learn Basic First Aid
  • Build a Shelter and Fire
  • How to Find Water and Feed Yourself
  • Basic Hygiene
  • What to do when Lost
"MacGyver, Survivalist, or Stockpiler" covers Urban survival skills

And "Survival books to keep on your bookshelf in case of the apocalypse"

Bottom Line

Under Urban Skills three kinds of Preppers are recognized:
  • The Stockpiler: someone with a wide assortment of supplies but very little knowledge of how to actually do anything.
  • The MacGyver: someone who can jury rig anything with duct tape, a pencil, and a pack of chewing gum.
  • The Survivalist: someone who can find dinner in an old stump and keep warm using a roll of toilet paper and a rusty coffee can.
Which type are you?

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