Friday, March 16, 2012

Preparedness List

Recently my wife & I were asked what was the minimal that one should have at home to be "prepared"? We created the following list for a 3-day emergency keeping the supplies as inexpensive as possible:

Safety Supplies
  • Smoke Alarm  
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector  
  • First Aid Kit  
  • 3-day supply of medicines  
  • Winter gear: coats, hats, mittens, scarves  
  • Warm blankets or quilts  (for warmth without power)
  • Means to keep cool in summer without power (Battery powered fans? Soak in water?)  
Basic Supplies
  • 3 gallons of stored water per family member  
  • 1 week of food that does not require power to cook  (1 week because most people underestimate how much they eat)
  • Manual Can Opener  
  • Matches  
  • Bottle of unscented bleach  (for purifying water)
  • 3 days of sanitary supplies: toilet paper, feminine products, soap, tooth paste, etc  
  • Heavy duty garbage bags  (toilet, trash, rain coat, many uses)
  • Flashlight & Batteries (1 per person)  
  • Emergency cash (small bills)  
  • Copies of legal & financial documents outside the home  
Repair Supplies
  • Basic tools: hammer, nails, screw drivers  
  • 1 roll Duct Tape  
  • Tarp for home roof damage or
  • heavy plastic for broken apartment window  
  • Wrench for turning off water & natural gas  
Emergency communications
  • Access to phone or internet  
  • Battery power radio or hand cranked radio  
  • Emergency contact person (outside the state)  
  • List of emergency phone numbers & emails   
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone # on all cell phones  
Home evacuation
  • Emergency family rendezvous location(s)  
  • Local map with evacuation routes marked (or GPS)  
  • One or more "safe sites" to evacuate to?  
  • Emergency-kit for family car  
  • Comfortable pair walking shoes  
Special Needs (where applicable)
  • 3-days of infant supplies: diapers, formula, etc   
  • 3-days of pet food & pet medicines   
  • An older pair of eye glasses as emergency backup   
Bottom Line
Is there anything you would add to this list?


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