Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Lessons from Greece

theEconomicCollapseBlog notes 10 Things That We Can Learn From The Economic Collapse In Greece.

#1. Food Shortages Can Actually Happen
"In Greece, many people are starting to totally run out of food.  Even some government institutions (such as prisons) are now reporting food shortages."
#2. Medicine Is One Of The First Things That Becomes Scarce
"The Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists reports shortages of almost half the country’s 500 most-used medicines."
#3. When An Economy Collapses, So Might The Power Grid
"Greece’s power regulator RAE told Reuters on Friday it was calling an emergency meeting next week to avert a collapse of the debt-stricken country’s electricity and natural gas system. "
Greece faces the threat of rolling power blackouts as the economic crisis leaves utilities without cash to pay for natural-gas imports and operate power stations.  
#4. You Cannot Take Water For Granted
In America, "Without truck deliveries of purification chemicals, water supply plants will run out of drinkable water in 14 to 28 days."
#5 Your Credit Cards And Debit Cards May Stop Working
  If banks collapse, so do the cards they issue.

#6. Crime, Rioting And Looting
"British electrical retailer Dixons has spent the last few weeks stockpiling security shutters to protect its nearly 100 stores across Greece in case of riot."
#7. Average Citizens Will Start Bartering
 "alternative currencies have already been popping up in Greece."
#8. Suicides Spike
"Suicide statistics in Greece have been absolutely soaring during the last couple of years."
#9. Your Currency May Rapidly Lose Value
"Greeks are pulling their money out of the banks because they are worried that their euros will be turned into drachmas which would rapidly lose value."
#10. The Government Will Not Save You
  In Greece the government is the problem.

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