Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 more things to do before a hurricane

On top of yesterday's list, here are 15 more things to do before a hurricane.

16. Evacuate if you live in a high rise near the coast.  Hurricane Ike shook buildings 60+ miles inland.  You may be safe from rising water, but not from wind damage and flying objects.  
17. Pick up loose objects outside before the storm hits, so they don’t become projectiles. Put away lawn chairs, tables, door mats, hammocks, potted plants, rakes, etc.
18. Buy batteries.  Lots of them.  All sizes.  
19. Flashlights - Have plenty around and know where they are if you have to find them in the dark.  
20. And know where your tools are too!
21. Buy candles or Kerosene lanterns.  Just be careful not to start house fires.  It happens.  
22. Purchase a battery charged TV or radio so you’ll know what’s happening.  
23. Buy long extension cords.  Your house lines may be down but your neighbor is sitting pretty with A/C and full service of all things electronic.  
24. If you evacuate, unplug all electronics and turn off your lights in the event of water damage.  
25. Invest in an emergency tire inflator and make sure your spare tires are full.  
26. Know how to replace a flat tire.
27. Fill your bathtub with water in the event city water lines are cut off.  You may need this for bathing AND flushing.  Yes, flushing.  
28. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.  If it’s brown, flush it down.  Just keep the lid down.  
29. Playing cards, reading material, board games … there’s nothing worse than a bored child, except a bored child in a hurricane with no video games or DVDs or TV.
30.  Don’t forget your pets! They need food and water too.



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