Wednesday, June 13, 2012

15 things to do before a Hurricane

15 Things to do Before a Hurricane

1. Don’t rely on FEMA or the local, state and federal government: Remember Katrina.  
2. Protect legal documents like drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards, passports, SSN cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance documents, etc. Place then in a waterproof container or at least two layers of ziploc bags.  Keep this high and dry and easy to reach if you must evacuate.  
3. GET CASH NOW.  Hurricanes hate electricity and ATMs.
4. Charge your cell phones, handheld gaming devices and any external batteries.
5. Write down all important telephone numbers in case your cellphone battery runs down. Put this piece of paper in your plastic bag for safety.  
6. Buy a cell phone recharger that works in your car..
7. Gas up all your cars and fill any gas tanks/cans you have as backup. Pumps won’t work if the power goes out.  
8. Treasured items – photos, mementos, baby shoes – keep them close and easy to put in a box if you need to get out fast.  
9. Stock up on bread, canned food items, bottled water, and any other non-perishable food items.  If your power is out for 10 days, like Houston after Hurricane Ike, peanut butter sandwiches get boring.  So think variety: saltines, crackers, nuts, candy, jelly, small cans of meat like Vienna sausages & tuna, cereal, pop-tarts, lunchables, cookies, etc.  
10. Purchase an ice chest and fill it.  Fill your freezer too.  You will use a LOT of ice if the power goes out.  
11.  First Aid kits.  Buy them for your house and for your car.  
12. Know how to disconnect your electric garage door opener so you can get your car out.  
13. Buy Sterno, charcoal or gas so you cook in your back yard with a BBQ grill. Do you have a grill???
14. Don’t forget matches or lighters.  

15. Refill medical Prescriptions.  Very Important!



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