Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cola Wars

Billy Joel's song, We Didn't Start the Fire, serves as an excellent history test - how many of the events in the song do you know? It ends with this line, "Rock and Roll and Cola Wars: I Can't Take it Any More."  Cola Wars??? After singing about the H-bomb, drugs, etc, he ends with Cola Wars?

Well this is one long war between Coke and Pepsi that you can not escape seeing on TV, radio, movie theaters, etc. Recently I heard an ad for Pepsi that set my teeth on edge, "Live for Now".  Really?! That's the message for "a new generation?"  "What are you waiting for?", asks the Pepsi website, "Live for Now".

Besides being a dumb slogan, (why should living for immediate gratification mean drinking Pepsi?), it's also teaching a terrible lesson to today's youth. Failure to plan, failure to save money, failure to prepare, this is our new Pepsi Generation.

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